I believe we are along for the ride
© meliapond

Today I was inspired by a video of the lovely Princess Peachie to make my sick day count for something and took my remaining Polly Pockets out of the box they were once put in. I kicked my 12-years-old-self the whole time for not saving some of my childhood favorites (like a little light yellow school that was the most adorable one ever!), but was really glad that I saved the ballet one and the big star, specially. They are not mint-in-box by any means, since I played a lot with them, but they made me so happy today!

It’s funny that I saved the ballet one, because as a child I have always dreamed of dancing, and never got to take lessons. Four years ago, at the age os 18, I finally started dancing and today I’m a proud ballet student in my first pointe shoes. I guess that 12-year-old-self actually knew a thing or two about the future. 

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